Building and Leading Effective Teams, a 3-week executive development program, will deliver participants with the skills and tools needed to maximize the innovative potential of diverse teams to generate high-quality decisions, and to gain support for those decisions from key stakeholders who possess unique agendas and interests.

The key to organizational success is dependent upon harnessing the power of teams.


  • Understand your behavioral style and those of your team members to bring together teams with strengths aligned to your objectives
  • Identify the power dynamics in your organization and understand the interests and agendas of key stakeholders
  • Enlist persuasive techniques targeted to the needs and interests of key decision makers
  • Identify the key stages in team development and leverage behavioral strengths suited to the tactical needs of each stage


  • 3 week duration, 15 hours to complete requirements
  • 4 hours of on-demand, HD lectures
  • Professor interactions, office hours and group learning
  • Facilitated Intra-Company Team Meetings
  • Final Deliverable, which integrates weekly activities
  • Optional Issue Forums available

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who should attend

This course is designed for executives who want to learn more about how to create diverse, high performing teams by leveraging frameworks for effective team decision making and putting the right people against the right tasks.

  • Mid-level and team leaders
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • VP’s

Program certification

After successfully finishing the Building and Leading Effective Teams development program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Columbia University.