Online Executive Education

ExecOnline courses equip executives with the necessary tools to effectively address key business challenges and have a major positive impact on their functions and broader organizations. Our courses provide a dynamic and engaging blended learning experience, including video lectures from outstanding university professors, real-world assignments and live online sessions that engage participants through interactions with peers, faculty members and coaches.

Program Structure

ExecOnline Programs are made up of three components: the Self-Paced Experience, required Live Sessions, and optional Live Feedback resources.

ExecOnline Program Structure


Self-Paced Experience

The SELF-PACED EXPERIENCE is comprised of Video Lectures and Assignments. You will watch engaging video lectures developed exclusively for ExecOnline and presented by university professors. Interspersed with the lectures are activities and assignments that promote the application of your learning to real needs and opportunities in your organization.

Live Sessions

ExecOnline live learning events are well-integrated elements of the overall learning experience and foster discussions that not only amplify the concepts and activities presented in the program, but also lead to further application within the workplace.

The compulsory LIVE SESSIONS consist of Team Meetings and Section Meetings. Team Meetings, hosted three times during the Programs are comprised of approximately 8 executives from the same company who discuss the application of learning to their professional goals and actions.

Teams also meet post-Program for a Capstone Meeting, wherein they present their personal case studies. Section Meetings, hosted three times during the Programs, encourage engagement among peers and professors and engender greater insight into and depth of understanding of course material. Each Section is comprised of approximately 50 executives from different participating companies and are hosted 2-3 times a program.

Live Feedback

Optional LIVE FEEDBACK is in the form of Issue Forums and Office Hours. Issue Forums are optional Faculty- or Executive Coach-moderated group sessions and are “Participant-focused.” Professors cater content to subsets of executives (e.g. strategies for functional business partners) or areas of interest or challenge (e.g. Crafting a Situation Analysis, Strategic Leadership Post-Course). Office Hours are optional sessions wherein executives can receive personal or team-specific feedback from an Executive Coach.